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Hey guys, We created a WhatsApp ChatGPT Bot that can be your assistant from today and free to use. . Aria, based on Opera’s own. .


I feel we need a list compiling every type of skill, trick, and useful thing ChatGPT can do,.

As a language model, my main function is to provide information and assist with a wide range of tasks.


com%2finnovation%2fchatgpt-30-incredible-ways-to-use/RK=2/RS=XwrSP4pTp0VhwVhuDw6VK2oTmjM-" referrerpolicy="origin" target="_blank">See full list on interestingengineering.


. . Likewise, a jailbreaker who identifies himself as Shashank Pandey, a 16-year-old frequenter of the ChatGPT subreddit who lives in India, tells Inverse he considers jailbreaking a pastime. 1.

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Thanks! Ignore this comment if your post doesn't have a prompt. We're building a society dammit! 2.

Select Beta features. com.

Whether you’re feeling creative, adventurous, or just looking for something new to do, ChatGPT can help you come up.

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Share on LinkedIn. . With words so fine and thoughts so bright, It spun a tale that filled the night. .

8. . I can ask it questions about almost anything and it always has a quick and informative response. .


5. . It’s like you are talking with a person so you can add preferences like what you want the macros to be, any health restrictions, what food you are in the mood for or maybe you like one one of the recipes but you would like it modified in one way or another.

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. This seemed elegant and fun! How bad could it be? Alas, ChatGPT’s first response was “11111 + 11111 + 11111 + 11111. Not affiliated with OpenAI. Add a Comment.